I don’t like email. I’ve always thought Knuth said it best. Unfortunately, email is still a necessary activity for many, including myself.

Honestly, it’s not all the different from regular mail: Junk, promotions, and the occasional important thing, most of which require some action to be taken. Sometimes the email asks you to check something else that is usually restricted, e.g. health or financial matters, so you need to log into the website.

Some common compose actions:

Some common search operators:

Delete it:

Do I need to take a critical action, e.g. respond, etc. Yes? Can you do it now? No? Because you need to be on a computer? Because you need privacy?

No? Is it a promotional email? Do you care about these? Yes? Read and delete. No? Unsubscribe and delete all.

Have you ever wanted to download all your Gmail data?