brew install dnsmasq

Modifying dnsmasq

Since there are a few ways to install dnsmasq we can’t assume certain paths.

Find all related files using find / -iname "dnsmasq" 2>/dev/null. This may take a while and won’t display additional finds in subdirectories.

If already loaded plist then use launchctl list | grep dnsmasq to determine name used registered with launchd. First number is currnet PID, seconde is current status.

The CLI for launchctl has changed in recent versions. The load/unload/start/stop commands are deprecated. launchctl stop will still stop a daemon, but will allow it to immediately restart if configured that way. Use it to restart after config change.

/Library/LaunchDaemons/dev.dnsmasq.plist is the configuration of dnsmasq for launchd

For a boxen-installed brew:

# edit config files
emacs /opt/boxen/config/dnsmasq/dnsmasq.conf

# reload
sudo launchctl stop dev.dnsmasq

Configuring dnsmasq